Cup It Up!

Teambuilding With Cups

There are so many things you can do with a red plastic cup. Now there is more with these fun new team building activities that bring people together.  

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside!

The best cup activities to build and connect teams.

Clear Instructions

Designed to give you a quick summery for easy scans of the actitvity. Plus learning objectives along with suggested facilitated questions to help in the processing.  


Clear Illustrations

Loaded with pictures and graphics that will help guide you to understand the nature and flow of the activities. 


Processing Questions 

A comprehensive list of processing questions that stimulate and help bring deeper conversation that connect directly to the facilitated objectives for each activity.  

Download Resources

Inside the book, you will find links to PDF resources including instructions, illustrations and processing questions for ease of facilitation. 

Cup It Up Workshop?

If you would like us to do a training workshop to train your staff, let us know. Chris and Barry love to travel. We also hold open invitation workshops for those individuals that want to build and add more fun activities to their game bag. 


Chris and Barry often write on additional activities, continuing education and ideas to learn and grow your skills as a facilitator. 

Why Chris and Barry wrote the book.

To help stir up conversations, questions, to encourage, to teach, to help others grow and learn for themselves through play. Check out our sites to learn more about us.